In order to confront the tense working routine and to get tuned for the next day you need a warm and familiar corner where you can relax and forget about the daily noise and fuss and where you feel in a completely different atmosphere. "Avenue by L’Orange" lounge bar is just the corresponding corner.


       "Avenue by L’Orange" lounge bar is a comfortable spot for business meetings as well. The hall is designed by delicate solutions and it is convenient area for negotiations and important key meetings. There is a separated VIP hall in the lounge bar as well as dress code and face control.


       You will find yourself in a homely warm atmosphere owing to hospitable and cordial service of the staff. It is a unique place for holding parties, friendly meetings and family events. Invited DJs provide the cheerful and dynamic mood on Friday and Saturday evenings. The relaxing atmosphere would not be complete if your table was not full of appetizing and delicious dishes. You can find wide selection of assorted tasty food from various European cuisines in the menu of  "Avenue by L’Orange" lounge bar.


       Out of dishes with unique taste and special decoration it is recommended to try salmon in a special sauce or spinach with parmesan fondue and if you still don’t have appetite then you are welcome to try appetizing vegetable salad and good appetite is guaranteed. It is impossible to imagine the relaxing evening surrounded by candles and pleasant music without light alcohol cocktails.


       Luxurious and at the same time delicate design of the ¨Avenue by L’Orange¨ bar is evident. You can order over 60 classic cocktails here and if you wish to try something new which is not included in the menu then you can update the list of cocktails upon your suggestion. Experienced and talented bartender will provide you with a drink adequate to your mood.


       "Avenue by L’Orange" lounge bar offers wide selection of mojito, avocado fresh, ice mate, best selection of Armenian, French, Italian, Argentinian and Chilean wines. The list is being periodically updated considering your preferences. French coffee Richard is served in "Avenue by L’Orange" lounge bar which is served only in the best coffee shops in France.